ABC Around the Web

Here you will find links from bloggers, travelers, magazines, and other visitors to our stores.  Thanks to everyone who enjoyed their visit enough to write about it.  We hope to see you back in Amsterdam or The Hague soon!

In English

  • Quantas’s Travel Insider also lists ABC Amsterdam as one of the World’s Most Beautiful bookstores.  We’re not entirely sure where they got the information we have 5 floors (#bookstoregoals though!) and only ABC The Hague has any space for art shows, but we’re still glad for their mention!  (2017)
  • thinks ABC Amsterdam is ‘a book lover’s heaven’.  And they mention the student discount, as well as the 55+ discount on Mondays.  They forgot the teacher’s discount and the 65+ discount on all the days of the week though! (2017)
  • Romain, who works for Thalys, tips us as a ‘cult bookshop’. 🙂 (2017)
  • Inspirock includes ABC as a place to buy your gifts in their European itinerary. (2017)
  • According to ABC Amsterdam is one of the 15 best places with Wifi. (2017)
  • Tripadvisor Philippines lists us as nr. 21 on their Shopping in Amsterdam list. (2017)

In Dutch