Event Host Internship, ABC Amsterdam

Are you interested in hosting your own book club at a fancy venue? Join The American Book Center, Amsterdam, for an internship as Event Host for our general fiction book club Book Chats @ ABC Amsterdam.

Book Chats @ the ABC Amsterdam is a monthly book club dedicated to the fine art of slowing down, taking stock, and doing what we do best: talking about our favorite books. We’re setting aside some time to get together with like-minded book-lovers from around the community to chat about a selected novel that has been making waves and capturing imaginations around the world.


  • Plan, prepare and lead the book club meeting on the 3rd Friday of each month.
  • Manage multiple platforms in order to keep in touch with the book club members: Meetup.com, Goodreads.com, etc.
  • Be in touch with our bookseller team to make sure that stocks are available for the books to be discussed.
  • Help our event promoter spread the word about the book club on our website, social media and other platforms.
  • Post promotion such as a write-up about the meeting to be published on our blog.

What We Are Looking For

  • Someone whose first thing they do when they visit other homes is to check out people’s bookcases.
  • Knowledgeable about current publishing trends in the English general fiction market (i.e. you spend way too much time in bookshops and if someone asks what he should read you can name five books easily).
  • Relevant background such as English literature studies, general literature studies, book blogging, book tubing or being George R.R. Martin.
  • Available 4-6 hours per week, specifically on the Friday evening to host the book chat.
  • Proficient using community platforms such as MeetUp and Goodreads or at least able to look up Youtube How To videos.
  • Excellent English Writing Skills and the discipline to immediately do the write-up instead of starting to read the next book or watch Youtube cat videos.
  • Excellent social skills and comfortable with hosting stimulating and insightful discussions that are enjoyable for participants and inclusive for general readers (i.e this is not an academic course, but a Friday night book club that aims to give the readers a deeper understanding of the selected book while enjoying a cup of tea and chocolate cookies)

Please send your application and CV before August 23rd, 2018, to tiemen@abc.nlYour application should contain one or two paragraphs about which book you would select for the first book club meeting and why.