Native English for Nederlanders

Native English for NederlandersOn Monday, October 22nd, a book launch was held in the American Book Center in Amsterdam. Native English for Nederlanders was presented between 18.00 hrs and 19.45 hrs on the store’s second floor. Its author, Ronald van de Krol, is an American by birth, and regular columnist for, as well as deputy editor of, Het Financieele Dagblad.

The book, all in English, targets Dutch people who are already proficient speakers of the language, and attempts to reduce the mistakes they make with sayings and the “small” words (for example, “Welcome in the Netherlands” which ought to be “Welcome to the Netherlands”). It explains the cultural roots of the English language, as well as the customs English speakers generally have that impact the language.

Surely it can help any Nederlanders attempting to overcome their Dunglish?

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