You Review: The Deadly Touch of the Tigress by Ian Hamilton

Reviewed by Andrée Walch

Ava Lee is a Chinese forensic accountant living in Canada but working for an “uncle” situated in Hong Kong. She is petite, lean, classy, lesbian (no, if you expect some hot sex moments you’ll be disappointed), well instructed in martial arts, can really take care of herself even in bad situations and she only loves instant coffee.

Ava goes after people who have stolen lots of money from whoever was so uncareful to let themselves get caught in hinky deals, which can be real estate, fish trade, and so on. She works mainly alone and knows how to handle even difficult situations. Like in this case, a “fishy” deal went wrong and the client lost five million dollars. The situation becomes dangerous and looks at a certain moment as if Ava would lose everything, even her freedom, at least for a certain time. But of course she manages to get free and get all the money back.

I liked the story quite a lot but not 100%. There is something which annoys me a bit and that is the quantity of various descriptions, be that whatever clothes Ava packs for her travel, or the different cities and countries she has to travel to. Descriptions are nice and interesting but only up to a certain quantity. I mean, do you estimate the length of a reception desk when you get at a hotel? Is it important for you to know that this desk measures 9m? I don’t care to get details like that. It is enough to tell us that there is a very long reception desk and that’s it. Or is it important to know that Ava packs a powder blue, pink and white shirt and when she wears which one? For me it is enough to know that she puts on a clean shirt and that’s it.

Despite these over-descriptions I found the story really interesting. It was a domain you rarely read action books about. This could become a series, I could even see Ava Lee become a series heroine for TV, why not. If Ian Hamilton could cut down a bit on his overwhelming descriptions it would become a really good read.

I had the uncorrected proof copy and hope that they took care of the minor typos before going for the real printing of the book.

All in all, The Deadly Touch of the Tigress is a good action story and I would recommend it but just giving a little warning concerning the description flow. But maybe you will not be annoyed by that as I did and simply enjoy the story.

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