Launch your book for free at ABC!

Have you submitted your book to publishers, only to get nothing but rejection letters back?

The book business is more about big money than ever before, and times are hard, with very few houses willing to take a chance on a new book from an unknown author.

These days just finding an agent can be difficult, never mind making your way out of the slush pile and onto the printing presses.  You can circumnavigate all this, and do it yourself.

Amanda Hocking did it: she self-published her Young Adult fantasy series Switched as e-books, and now she has a deal with Macmillan, a huge American publisher, with her books coming to stores in 2012. Another children’s book, Tunnels, by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams was snapped up in 2007. The fifth book in this series came out in September 2011, and a movie is in developement. In March bestselling author Barry Eisler backed out of his half-million-dollar deal with St. Martin’s Press, deciding he could make more money by self-publishing. Printing on demand is fast losing its negative stigma and becoming a legitimate form of publishing in itself.

Our Espresso Book Machines make it possible for you to print your manuscript as a real book, and even sell it all over the world via the On Demand Books network. Once you’ve written and printed your book however, you still have work to do: if you want your book to succeed, you need to promote it! And that’s where we can help, with our Writers on Demand Program.

Print your book on one of our  Espresso Book Machines, and launch it at The American Book Center in The Hague or Amsterdam.  We’ll provide you with space to hold your book launch, a signing table with flowers, water and glasses  – you’re welcome to bring your own refreshments too –  and it won’t cost you a thing!  As well as the novelty of being able to print copies of your book for readers live in our store, you’ll get all this free publicity:

  • A poster in our store windows
  • An announcement in our monthly newsletter, e-mailed to more than 12,000 readers
  • A blog post on all about your event, backed up by:
  • Tweets
  • A mention on our Facebook page and group.

Previous Writers on demand events were very successful; we want to give at least one author a month the start they deserve. If you want to launch your book for free at ABC, write to for details.