There’s a Fraction Too Much Fiction

Fictional Fiction Writers by Steven

Well, it doesn’t get more fictional than this: fictional authors writing fiction books.

It’s not an entirely new phenomenon: Murder She Wrote‘s Jessica Fletcher, for instance, cranked out quite a few books in her day despite her non-existence. More recently, imaginary Hank Moody from Californication published God Hates Us All out in the real world and figment Rick Castle from the series Castle has two brand new novels just off the presses: Naked Heat and Heat Wave. You can finally judge whether or not these fictional fiction writers are as good as their respective series make them out to be!

The one who takes the cake however, possibly while eating it, is Keyser Soze. This fictional fiendish mastermind, who turned out to not even be real in the movie he originated from (The Usual Suspects), is now an author. He added a ‘B.’ as a middle name, possibly to fend off sue-happy Hollywood lawyers, and now spends his time writing…ermm… well, writing about body parts and female sexuality. Yep folks, crime syndicate kingpin Keyser B. Soze earns a living by writing porn: The Most Powerful Female Orgasm in History, Erotic Lesbian Short Stories (both currently playing hard-to-get) and more disturbingly: Non Consensual Erotica. As one reader writes about Soze’s work 199 Vaginas: The Ultimate Photo Collection: ‘This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, and other things too! Great book.’

Well, as long as it keeps him busy and out of organized crime, I guess…