Bookbits for August 26th, 2010

…and we’re back to rain.  Well, at least yesterday, on the Most Wonderful Day of the Year, the sun was out, just as I had requested.  Birthday girls always get their wishes, don’t they?  Back to business:

  • There’s a recession on still, bookstores are in trouble, as are publishers, but these authors have absolutely nothing to worry about:  the 10 highest-paid authors according to Forbes.  I’m a little surprised there’s no Nora Roberts, since she outsells Danielle Steel by about 6 to 1 in my Romance section.  Anyhoo.
  • The Stig has apparently been unmasked because he’s writing his memoirs, and his name is… Ben Collins.  Proof that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword, eh?
  • Looking for literary love? Try – a dating service based on what books you read and/or comment about.  On a related note, are you a sipper or a gulper when it comes to reading books?  I always thought I became a sipper after my daughter was born, but really, I’ve always been one, reading little bits everywhere, even while walking.  You?
  • She must sleep with the laptop chained to her wrist: Eva Gabrielsson, Stieg Larsson’s partner, has possession of the fourth, unpublished manuscript, and is not handing it over.
  • Quiz! The Guardian posted a Ray Bradbury-themed quiz, in honor of the man’s 90th birthday four days ago.  I chickened out and didn’t take it, because I’ve not yet read anything by him (don’t hit me!).  Sorry Em!  🙂

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