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Bookbits for July 18th, 2014

Friday, July 18th, 2014
  • First and foremost, rest in peace to all aboard the crashed Malaysian Airlines flight.  Best wishes and ’sterkte’ to everyone who knew someone on the flight.  It hardly seems fair the sun shines so brightly today.
  • R. I. P. also to Nadine Gordimer, Nobel Prize laureate who was a strong voice against apartheid in South Africa.  She is probably best known for her novel July’s People (banned in South Africa at the time).
  • Travel site Skyscanner made a list of the 22 Most Beautiful Bookshops in the World – and ABC Amsterdam’s on it, hooray!  I do secretly wish that one day someone will discover the beauty in ABC The Hague.  ;-)
  • For those of you who love books and food (…but really, who doesn’t?): there’s a fantastic literary supper club in Amsterdam called The Bookish Banquet.  Featuring fine dining (and I really mean fine dining) all themed around one book.  Looks absolutely smashing.  :-)
  • And finally, for all you David Mitchell aficionados, head on over to Twitter to read a new short story that he is tweeting on his account (you can read it in order via the SceptreBooks account).  It might tide you over until his new book The Bone Clocks comes out in September.

Bookbits for February 7th, 2012

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Apologies for the rather scarce blog posts last week and this coming week, but Hayley is on a well-deserved break and I’m Remi-ing it here (and on Twitter).  :-)

  • I’m still smarting from my beloved Patriots’s loss on Sunday, but a very funny #superbookbowl was happening on Twitter at the same time. “@peterdamien: Harper Lee had that brilliant pass in the first quarter, but has remained on the bench for the rest of the game so far.”
  • Quiz! The Guardian has three, on Taxes, on Wolves, and on the British Queen.  I scored a first-ever 0/10, a paltry 5/10, and an even worse 3/10, respectively.  This is an all-time low, I must say.