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Store Bits: blog mentions, newspaper mentions, a video and our Thrillers gift

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Last month, crime writer Carmen Amato (Made in Acapulco) wrote a piece about how bookstores are surviving in these trying times.  Our Marketing Director Karin was one of the people whose answer is featured.


The lovely people at Eating Amsterdam Tours put together a list of the best bookstores in Amsterdam, and we’re on it!  Thank you!


Our Paul’s eagle eyes spotted an ABC mention in Het Parool’s feature on P. C. Hooftprijs winner Willem Jan Otten.  We’re his favorite store.  *blush*


“Hi,  My name is Paul. I’m from Brazil and I recorded a video inside your store. My site,, travels the world to show comic stores. I liked your comics section, on the second floor, and I decided to put something about you on my Youtube Channel. I put subtitles, in English, on the video.”

Thanks so much for your video, Paul, and for the endorsement of our Comics & Graphic Novels section!


And finally, as you might know, June is Thrillers Month (‘Maand van het spannende boek‘) in The Netherlands.  We will be joining in the fun in our own way*, by giving everyone who buys a book from the Crime Fiction/Mysteries & Thrillers section this month a FREE copy of The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown!

(Already have a copy of The Lost Symbol? Give it away to a friend, parent, neighbor, colleague…)

*We are not eligible to give away the national Thriller gift, since we don’t sell Dutch-language books. Hence our alternative. :-)

Store Bits: The Video Clip Edition

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Yoyoyo, this is your Vee-Jay Sophy-Soph, bringing you the lay-test literary vi-day-ooo’s!

Um, okay, maybe I don’t quite qualify for MTV.  Not even when they actually played music videos back in the 80s.  :-)   But here are lots of literary clips to enjoy anyway…

First of all, enjoy this lovely video by Mio and Jelena, from Make Amsterdam, celebrating their Midsummer Adventures.

They went around Amsterdam, handing out € 50 to 10 women, hoping they would inject a bit of adventure in their lives. This is the result!  You can see ABC Amsterdam’s window at around the 2:00 mark. Who knows, you might be surprised there next… :-)

Next up, Simone sent in this short film (about 20 minutes long) titled The Last Bookshop (via The Huffington Post).  A nostalgic trip down memory lane – though I sincerely hope bookshops won’t all be extinct any time soon!

Sigrid mailed in this clip highlighting some amazing literary tattoos:

Via Rick we can show you the official booktrailer of Blueprint for Your Castle in the Clouds by Barbara Tammes.  ABC Amsterdam helped launch her book back in January.

And, to conclude, our Tiemen went on a #lunchbreakmovies spree a few days ago, over on Twitter.  All short, all SciFi, and all tremendously entertaining.  Enjoy!

Bookbits for October 12th, 2011

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Let’s dive straight in with a whopper:

Bookbits for March 1st, 2008

Saturday, March 1st, 2008
  • Video! In 2001 the Swiss Ambassador to the U.K. had the luminous idea to invite Banksy to redo the Embassy’s underground garage. See a clip here (the buffering on my computer was a bit horrendous but still worth the view).

Bookbits for January 26th, 2008

Saturday, January 26th, 2008