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Bookbits for March 31st, 2009

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Here I go blogging about April Fools Day when I might just as well have done a Topical Tips on being shut in (or out).  I do get the news, I do – I just have a very thick filter in my brain screening it all.  Best of luck to all the Afghanistan conference people, though, I hope it’ll be a useful conference.  Now onto book news, though:

  • Lists! Here are 10 Literary One-Hit Wonders.  I consider Oscar Wilde a bit of a mistake on that list, but the author’s going by novels only, not plays or short stories, so I guess he may have a case.
  • Looking for author sites? Check out filedbyauthor, a site with over 1.8 million author pages.  Thanks, Lynn!
  • And finally, just because we have to wait until October doesn’t mean we can enjoy the trailer of Where the Wild Things Are.  Looks wonderful!