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ABC’s Favorite Reads 2013, part 3: Klaartje, Jesse, JeroenW

Friday, December 13th, 2013

It’s my favorite part of the blogging year: our favorite reads! The ABC staff has looked through all the books and magazines they’ve read over the past year, or games they played, or stationery they used, and picked out their top 5 (or 4, or 8). Every single item in these posts comes highly recommended, and we hope to add some ideas to your 2014 reading list.

Of course, we always love reading tips ourselves, too, and so we hope you will send in YOUR favorite reads of 2013 to us. They don’t have to be books published in 2013, just read in 2013. Please mail your Top 5 (and why these books were so good) to by December 31st, and don’t forget to include your home address so we can send you an ABC gift certificate in the new year as a thank you. As has become a tradition, your Top 5s will be published in January.

This third Favorite Reads post comes courtesy of

  • Klaartje: lover of all things nature, especially plants.
  • Jesse:  graduated from the Rietveld Academy this year!
  • JeroenW: Master of accents.  Knows all the words to Dragostea Din Tei.



Piet Boon Styling by Karin Meyn

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Our store in Amsterdam regularly get requests if there is window space available or even for rent. We love to work together with “outsiders” like movie companies, museums and artists but our number one priority remains books so there always needs to be a strong book connection.

In early November 2012 we were approached by one of our customers who works for design studio Piet Boon about making a window together.  This seemed like a wonderful opportunity to merge our love of the book Piet Boon Styling with their design talent, and so, from February 7th though February 21st, we will have a very stylish Piet Boon/Karin Meyn window on display!

(Photos will be posted here and on our Flickr page as soon as we have some to share.)

About Karin Meyn

Karin Meyn joined her husband Piet Boon´s multifunctional design studio in 1986, as creative director and head of Styling. Over the past 25 years, the studio has evolved into an acclaimed international luxury brand with an extensive portfolio of clients around the world.

In her first book, Piet Boon Styling by Karin Meyn, she gives insights into her philosophy and explains how to create a personal ambience in each room, sharing many of the techniques she has acquired over the years. Gaining a rare glimpse behind the scenes of the dynamic organization whose projects take Karin and her team all over the world, readers are able to discover the world of Piet Boon® from the inside.

Thanks to her unique way of combining materials, shapes and colors with art and all kinds of accessories, Karin has made a significant contribution to defining the recognizable Piet Boon® style.

Her intuitive approach to design, results in an authentic and often different interpretation of what styling means.

In addition to representing a source of inspiration, this book is also intended as a practical guide for anyone who wants to restyle their own home. Karin Meyn demonstrates how easy it is to create a whole new ambiance simply by rearranging the existing furniture and adding a few carefully selected accessories or artworks.

Color-coordinated still lifes or personal objects with emotional value arranged on bases or in transparent cases are a prominent feature in each project – in fact, they are regarded as a signature of Karin’s work.

The beautifully designed and richly illustrated book is full of information – useful checklists show how to create a sense of balance in a house and various rooms.

She and her team are always on the lookout for unusual objects and artworks to enrich her projects. In parallel, Karin Meyn is developing a range of accessories under her own name.

The success of Piet Boon® extends beyond Dutch borders. The versatile design studio has already made a global impression with its projects around the world – from total concepts for holiday homes in South Africa and Portugal to beach houses on Bonaire, a villa in Denmark, eco-friendly houses in Arizona, apartments in New York, Monaco and Paris, a holiday resort in Korea, and many different product designs for various major corporate brands.

ABC’s Favorite Reads of 2012, part II

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Ready for a new entry in ABC’s Favorite Reads of 2012 series? There will be new titles, old titles, magazines, Dutch books, games, fiction, non fiction, anything and everything we read and liked in 2012. We are as diverse as our individual choices and that is what makes ABC unique!

Part II features Jesse, Nyjolene and Mark. Jesse is the Art and Fashion buyer in Amsterdam (as well as the designer of the annual Thanksgiving vouchers!).  Nyjolene is The Hague’s artist-in-residence and the buyer for the New Age, Fashion/Beauty, Childcare and NY Times Bestsellers sections.  Mark is Amsterdam’s Warehouse Chief.

We would love to hear about your favorite reads of 2012, too. Please mail with your choices and a picture of yourself (optional). We will post your list at the beginning of the new year and send you an ABC Gift Certificate (so don’t forget to include your home address with your list!).


Vote for your favorite window at ABC Amsterdam

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

Akademie Vogue, Amsterdam’s largest styling and design school is working to gether with The American Book Center this month.

We’re giving over three windows of our Amsterdam store to the academy’s students for them to practise their window dressing skills.

On Friday March 16th, eleven students will transform one meter of our window space to showcase a book of their choice from our store. Come by and have a look at their work. Photos will be posted on the academy’s Facebook page where you’ll be able to vote for your favorite. And of course, we’ll keep you updated on the results here!


You can see the windows in progress on the AV Facebook page.  See the finished window displays, and vote for your favorite, by clicking the like button on its photo. Be warned – it’s very hard to choose!

ABC Meets: Sheridan Simove

Friday, November 4th, 2011

The relentless, scandalous, maverick inventor Sheridan (a.k.a. Shed) Simove is a performer, author and novelty gift entrepreneur. (Those marvelously whacky sound machines on sale in our stores are a Shed creation.)

Shed is an expert in IDEAS and can help you make your ideas happen. Shed believes that “when an idea pops into your head, it can send you on amazing adventures – if you follow the idea through…”. Shed’s passion is also to tackle things that have never been done before – and his own ideas can be for anything, ranging from ‘adult sweets’, TV shows, gifts, or his own currency. These true-life stories – plus his tips for how to make anything you desire come to life – feature in his books, performances and corporate speeches…

On Saturday December 3 , 2011 Sheridan Simove will be at ABC Amsterdam all day, just for you. He’ll be bringing all of his inventions with him for you to play with and wonder at, (or tut at – they’re that kind of invention). Some of these object have never seen before , including prototypes of his latest ideas.

It will be a grand day of show & tell, Q&A and amazing ideas. Sheridan will of course also be signing his books Ideas Man, and What Every Man Thinks about Apart from Sex.

In addition, Shed will be giving an inspiring and hugely entertaining talk at the Hotel V on Friday December 2 , 2011 at 8pm on ‘Creativity, Ideas and How To Make Anything You Desire Actually Happen’. You don’t want to miss his unique, informative and hilarious presentation! Reservations can be made via the Hotel V website. See their complete events agenda here.