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Bookbits for January 14th, 2011

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Huh, it’s more of a collection of links than proper news this week, but I hope you’ll like them anyway.

Bookbits for January 7th, 2011

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Whew, December was a crazy month for us all, both in the store and on the blog with all those top 5s. No time for Bookbits, in other words – but we’re into a new year, and I’m determined to make this year bend the rules of time. So here’s some bookish news again, hooray!

  • R. I. P. Dick King-Smith, who wrote The Sheep-Pig, the book that was the basis for the movie Babe, died aged 88.  Obituaries here and here.
  • Best of 2011: lists of what you have read are so last year!  Thankfully the Guardian is on-trend this week (those 2010 lists above are old-ish since I hadn’t learned to bend the rules of time and space two weeks ago) and has a list for us of what we are all about to read.
  • Julian Assange has reportedly sold his memoirs. Apparently they’ll be on the shelf in March already, so he’s either a very quick writer, has been preparing them for a long time, or hasn’t had a very interesting life.  Hmmm, probably not that last one, then…
  • And finally, a bit of literary art. Because it’s beautiful.  Thank you Sigrid for this picture of The Giacometti Variations by John Baldessari (here’s also the link to his website, but it’s currently not doing much).  Click on the picture to embiggen:

Your Favorite Books of 2010

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

Here they are, YOUR favorite reads of 2010!  Thank you so much for sending in your lists – as ever they give us all great tips on new writers to try out.  May 2011 be filled with as much literary goodness.  :-) Click on ‘more’ to see the lists. (more…)

Bookbits for November 25th, 2010

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Happy US Thanksgiving!  I hope you’re reading this after a lovely morning/afternoon/evening/full day spent at either ABC Amsterdam or ABC Den Haag (if you’re reading this while still at one of our stores: I salute you!).  :-)   I was at the Den Haag store for a short while, and it was good and full, with lots of people taking full advantage of the extra 10%.  Hooray!  Remember, if you received one of those EUR 7 vouchers: they are valid starting today until December 31st, and you can use it and your discount on the same purchase.  Hooray again!  Right, time for some Bookbits…

  • Belgian TV station Canvas has the 6-part book documentary Paper Trails on at the moment. The first episode (about Tender is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald) was last week, but will be repeated Nov. 27th, and the rest you should be able to catch as they go along.  Thank you Simone for spotting and reporting this!

Bookbits for November 18th, 2010

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

And now we’re back in regular time

  • This article got me interested enough to check out the actual website:  A publisher’s website that’s more than just that, featuring short stories, fantasy art, blogs, podcasts and conversations.  If you like fantasy and science fiction, go have a look.