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Bookbits for October 13th, 2008

Monday, October 13th, 2008

Egad, no Bookbits for two weeks?!  *hangs head in shame*  Many apologies, so sorry, life unexpectedly got busier than anticipated!  Will try to make this one full and lovely.  :-)

  • First up, Al Gore is speaking in Aalsmeer tomorrow, October 14th.  I haven’t given this its own post, because attending the event is through a sign-up and quite costly (see the link above on how to), but I thought you might want to know anyway, in case you bump into him somewhere!
  • Graveyard Book US editionGraveyard Book UK editionNeil Gaiman has just finished touring the US to promote his latest, The Graveyard Book.  At each stop he read one chapter of the book, which was then videotaped and put online, right here.  That’s right, you can have the entire book read to you by Mr. Gaiman hisself!  Well worth a listen, in my opinion..