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Bookbits for March 25th, 2013

Monday, March 25th, 2013

…and then you suddenly get the flu.  Followed by the Cold From Hell (which by today has been downgraded to merely Very Annoying).  Meaning all my wonderful plans last week for a well-stocked blog flew out the window with that gruesome Easterly wind that can just about bugger off now, don’t you think, and I’m left scrambling to get everything ready this week.  :-)   Hope you all are feeling much better yourselves.  And I also hope that Spring will hurry up and get here already!

Flashmob Spui OFoundation from O Foundation on Vimeo.

Bookbits for September 17th, 2010

Friday, September 17th, 2010
  • Awards! The inaugural Penguin Prizes for African Writing were handed out to You’re Not a Country, Africa! by Pius Adesanmi (nonfiction) and Patchwork by Ellen Banda-Aaku (fiction).  Neither are available yet through our Penguin contacts, but we’re hopeful!
  •  Barack Obama’s third book will be out in November.  This time it’s a letter to his daughters called Of Thee I Sing, a 40-page children’s book; proceeds will go to a scholarship fund for children of soldiers who are killed or injured.  Thanks Rick for the tip!
  • And, really, this picture belongs in a Lit Links post, but I can’t resist! The TU Delft’s Library Information Desk, made entirely out of books (thank you!):