Topical Tips: Lost Symbol

For those of you who had been waiting with bated breath: the new Dan Brown is on sale at last!  Enjoy it.  To celebrate this fact, here are five titles somewhat connected:

  1. lostsymbolUSlostsymbolUKDecoding the Lost Symbol: The Unauthorized Authoritative Guide to the Facts behind the Fiction by Simon Cox. Some people just have too much time on their hands (that would also include this gentleman, and this one, too).
  2. Lost Symbols?: The Secrets of Washington, D. C. by David Ovason.  Following in the long (and illustrious?) tradition of naming the book similar to a surefire bestseller (I personally love The Supremes’ Greatest Hits) hoping to get it ordered by mistake by the impatient masses.
  3. The Biggest Secret: The Book That Will Change the World by David Icke. From the master conspiracy theorist himself.  Speaking of which, I need to go buy the new Muse cd.
  4. Reading Lost: Perspectives on a Hit Television Show. Plenty of symbols in Lost, too, I’ve been told…
  5. Prince for a Day by Shannon Nicole Wallace.  Oh yeah, it’s Prinsjesdag today!  Enjoy seeing what they’re all wearing today, and who knows, maybe the cutbacks that were leaked the past few days are less gloomy than they seem.

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3 Responses to “Topical Tips: Lost Symbol”

  1. Em Angevaare says:

    The book has given me food for thought; at the moment I am chiefly wondering why there wasn’t a copy-editor somewhere unimpressed enough to talk Brown out of using the same phrase three times in a 3-page prologue.
    It got a bit better halfway – something happened I wasn’t actually expecting – and as the story picks up pace you stop noticing the clumsy phrasing (which was quite funny in places – maybe he does it on purpose).

  2. Sophie says:

    From what I remember from reading The Da Vinci Code, I wasn’t impressed with his style either (I mainly remember massive cliffhangers, and sitting back in a car that’s going at break-neck speed somewhere for a very lengthy flashback).
    The ideas he put forth, however, were really interesting, and made for an excellent discussion back when we had the Community Read at the ABC (dating myself a bit here!). So good luck toughing it out; I hope he’ll give you food for thought, if nothing else. :-)

  3. Em Angevaare says:

    I’m at page 100 and sofar I’m underwhelmed. The word ‘putdownable’ comes to mind…