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What We're Reading: November 2015

What We’re Reading

Intra-store Score This Post: Amsterdam 9 – The Hague 13 Tiemen:  I’m reading the ARC of Planetfall by Emma Newman.  Kind of a crossing between Interstellar, Prometheus and Ursula le Guin’s scifi.  Really good. PeterL:  Just finished Never Saw It Coming …

What We're Reading, Oct. 2015

What We’re Reading

Or, In Which The Hague Atones For Last Time’s Paltry Effort Martijn: The Aeronaut’s Windlass by Jim Butcher. High expectations (I resent those)!!  Undermajordomo Minor by Patrick DeWitt.  I really liked The Sisters Brothers and with a title like this… Daria: Still …

The Shepherd's Crown - Terry Pratchett

The Amalgamated This Just In

Seven Recently-Arrived Titles from a Variety of Sections at ABC The Hague: Please contact our stores for an exact stock check. The above books can be found in the Cooking, Military History, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Sports, and Crafts sections. There is …

What We're Reading, end of August 2015

What We’re Reading

Or, In Which Our Other New Colleague Deborah Makes Her First Appearance. Simone: The Peacock Emporium by Jojo Moyes and Herzog by Saul Bellow. Deborah: I just finished I Am Princess X by Cherie Priest and went straight for another Young Adult title. I am currently …

Brave New World (3D) - Aldous Huxley

This Just In: Books with 3-D Covers

Six Recently-Arrived Titles with 3-D Covers (glasses included!) at ABC The Hague: Please contact our stores for an exact stock check. There are also (two-dimensional) ebooks available for The Lost World, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Journey to the Centre …