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This Just In: Children’s Books and YA Fiction

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Another Big Lot of Recently-Arrived Titles from the Children’s Books and Young Adult Fiction Sections (grouped by age):

Please be sure to contact our stores for an exact stock check!

9-12 Years

Young Adults

Ebooks available for A Grimm Warning (Land of Stories 3), Conquest, Say What You Will, The Murder Complex, The Young World, Smart, Silver Shadows, Let’s Get Lost, The Beginning of Everything, The Hunted, Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods.

This Just In: Children’s Books & Young Adult Fiction

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Another Big Lot of Recently-Arrived Titles from the Children’s Books and Young Adult Fiction Sections (grouped by age):

Please be sure to contact our stores for an exact stock check!

9 – 12 Years

Ebook available for Odin’s Ravens.

Young Adult Fiction

Ebook available for Crushed, The Summer I Turned Pretty (complete series), A Creature of Moonlight, House of Secrets: Battle of the Beasts and Landline.  Of the short stories that make up the Four collection, one is available as ebook: The Transfer.

Don’t forget that you can still win a SIGNED copy of Otherbound, by rising YA Fantasy star and local girl Corinne Duyvis!

Staff Review: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – Jenny Han

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Reviewed by Lília

Lara Jean Song writes goodbye letters to all the boys she’s ever had a crush on. She keeps them in a box, unsent, because she never had a relationship with any of them. And the last one is – or used to be – her sister’s boyfriend, Josh.

It’s all a secret until the box with letters disappears and a couple of them are actually sent. Lara Jean finds out about it in the most embarrassing manner and needs to discover a way to deal with Josh knowing about her crush on him while not letting her sister learn about it.

She enlists the help of Peter, the other boy who received an old letter from her who had just broken up with his girlfriend. They are to have a fake relationship, to make Josh go away, avoid her sister knowing about her crush and making Peter’s ex-girlfriend jealous.  But not everything goes as planned… and Lara Jean starts discovering more about herself and her feelings, and that the real thing is quite different from a dream.

In To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Jenny Han creates a fun story of love – not only the romantic kind but also sisterly love, and all the things we do or can do to our sisters without ever realizing what the consequences might be.  Lara Jean is a funny but also sad character, and her relationship with her sister and her friends is deeply influenced by the loss of her mother at a very young age, the need to grow up fast and how to deal with feelings she can’t share.

Lília is ABC The Hague’s Children’s Books & Young Adult Fiction buyer.  She is also one of the Espresso Book Machine operators there. More staff reviews can be found here.

This Just In: Children’s Books and YA Fiction

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

A Whole Lot of Recently-Arrived Titles from the Children’s Books and Young Adult Fiction Sections (grouped by age):

Please be sure to contact our stores for an exact stock check!

5 – 8 Years:

9 – 12 Years:

Ebooks available for Tomb of Shadows, Araminta Spookie 5: Ghostsitters, Araminta Spookie 6: Gargoyle Hall, Spirit Animals 1: Wild Born, Spirit Animals 2: Hunted, Spirit Animals 3: Blood Ties, and League of Princes 3: The Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw.

Young Adult Fiction:

Ebooks available for Mutant City, Across the Universe, Across the Universe 2: A Million Suns, Across the Universe 3: Shades of Earth, The Vampire Diaries: The Salvation 3: Unmasked, The Selection 3: The One, The Reckoning, More Than This, and The School for Good and Evil 2: A World Without Princes.

What We’re Reading: Spring 2014

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

PeterL: The Farm – Tom Rob Smith.  A young man in London gets a call from his father in Sweden.  ”Things aren’t going well with your mother, she’s in the hospital, she’s psychotic.” One day later he gets a call from his mom: “I’m not crazy.  Your father is in league with dangerous criminals.  I’m coming to see you now.”  All this while the young man has been trying to find a good moment to tell his parents he’s gay.  Everything’s going to pot; this used to be one happy family.  But who’s telling the truth?  An exciting thriller, good pace, with subject matter that means a lot to me.

Ester: Pluto, vol. 1 – 8 (i.e. the entire series) - Urasawa X Tezuka

Simone: Secret Smile – Nicci French (ebook available here) and Bark – Lorrie Moore.

Renate: Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932 – Francine Prose (ebook) and rereading Middlemarch – George Eliot (ebook).  It’s even more beautiful the second time.

Lilia: Star Trek: Spock’s World – Diane Duane.  Currently out of print, but copies are available through our supplier of second-hand books.  I’m also reading Inked Armour – Helena Hunting (ebook), actually the second part of her Clipped Wings series. I do intend to read part 1 (ebook) too… :-D   And after that will be Twelve Angry Men for my book club…

Maarten: Meriswin – Hafid Bouazza

Sophie: Tigerman – Nick Harkaway (ebook) and From a Distance – Raffaella Barker (ebook).  I’ve been waiting for Tigerman for ages, and am enjoying it very much.  It’s a rather subdued Harkaway book (compared to his previous two) but the friendship/father-son relationship he describes between a man and a boy is entirely believable, and very sweet.  But there are still exploding custard cans, masked vigilantes and it’s all set on an island about to be wiped off the face of the earth, so there’s still some crazy Harkaway action.  I’m only on page 5 or so of the Raffaella Barker book, but I know it will be good.  She’s one of those writers that should be read more by the general public, because her stories are always well told, well written and peopled with characters you really want to root for.

Tiemen: Lock In – John Scalzi.  It’s coming out in August but the editor was kind enough to send me an ARC.

JeroenW: Chronic City – Jonathan Lethem (ebook).  A bit of blather in New York City.

Nicki:  The Leopard - Jo Nesbø (ebook).  The Harry Hole series is AMAZING! (The Leopard is nr 8.)  Especially when compared to Mo Hayder’s Jack Caffery books (ebook). Which I also enjoy, but they are not as rich as Nesbø’s stories.  I think Mr. Nesbø is a superstar :-)

Martijn: The Deaths of Tao – Wesley Chu (ebook).  Part 2 after The Lives of Tao (ebook), which I thought was top notch popcorn (science)fiction.

Jouke: The Crimson Campaign – Brian McClellan (The Powder Mage, #2)(ebook)

Daria: Too Big to Know – David Weinberger.  About how “knowledge” (shape, content, realisation) has changed with the advent of the internet, the pros and cons of this change, and how to deal with it.  Really interesting!

Klaartje:  Crazy Rich Asians – Kevin Kwan (ebook)

Barry:  Mr. Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore – Robin Sloan (ebook). An absolute gem!  I can highly recommend this charming book, especially after reading The Circle (ebook).