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You Review: The Hand that Feeds You – A.J. Rich

Reviewed by Miriam Verhaaf A gripping story about an criminology student who becomes an victim herself. The story is interesting for readers interested in psychology and criminology. The combination of research and Morgan’s own story makes the book an original …


You Review: Here We Lie – Sophie McKenzie

Reviewed by Jennifer Kneijber At first, I was a bit hesitant to start Here We Lie, as I am usually not that big on thrillers. However, I was already familiar with McKenzie’s work and the fact that this was her third …


You Review: The Art of Crash Landing – Melissa DeCarlo

Reviewed by Didi Groenhoff Mattie’s mother taught her nobody flies, we only fall. That one certainty learned early in life is what Mattie desperately sticks to: the only way is down. On the first page she screws up all she …


You Review: The Uninvited – Cat Winters

Reviewed by Marianne van der Wel  Ivy Rowan has a gift, or curse. The ghosts of loved ones appear to her, announcing a death. When she sees her late grandmother in her rocking chair, and later learns that her father …