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Do you speak English?

Help Dutch Kids Learn English Early

In the Amsterdam area, primary schools are investing heavily in dual-language education in the coming years.  At ABC we are ready and very willing to help!  We have partnered up with The Little English Library in Breda, “a free library service …

Blossom Books merchandise

Blossom Books merchandise is taking over our stores

…and we WANTS WANTS WANTS! We are super happy to be able to offer you the fabulous Blossom Books bags and mugs! They arrived in The Hague on Wednesday and should be at the Amsterdam store now, too.  Every single …

John MacDonald books at ABC Amsterdam

John D. MacDonald is back!

Good news for readers of great crime fiction: Random House is reprinting some of the old John D. MacDonald thrillers! Not the Travis McGee series, but many of his stand-alone titles that made him one of the best crime writers in …