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Remembrance (Mediator #7) - Meg Cabot

Book Review: Remembrance – Meg Cabot

Reviewed by Dennis Menard Being a man in the latest-most “autumn” of what might be called “middle age” I am not big on chick-lit and I was not now inclined to start with it. However, while spring cleaning I found …

This Just In: YA, May 2016

This Just In: YA Fiction

Ooooo, look at all these fantabulous new YA titles that Lilia put in a row!  Get thee to the The Hague store for the following fresh-off-the-press books: The Glittering Court – Richelle Mead The Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle …

ABC YA Book Club

ABC Young Adult Book Club: March Meeting

Sorry for the late posting, folks!  Sign up on Meetup for more timely notifications… In any case, the March meeting of the ABC YA Book Club is this Saturday, March 19th, at the ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam.  The chosen book …

Rebel of the Sands - Alwyn Hamilton

Book Review: Rebel of the Sands – Alwyn Hamilton

Reviewed by Eline Berkhout Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton follows Amani, a girl who lives in a desert town called Dustwalk. In a land where mythical creatures still dwell, the Sultan is all-powerful and women have even less rights …

This Just In: YA @ ABC The Hague

This Just In: YA Fiction

Lília has cherry-picked some recently-arrived titles from her Young Adult Fiction section in The Hague.  I don’t know about you, but personally I find the combination of the words “library” and “olympics” on that top right-most book irresistible… Front Lines – …