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Snapshots Caught on Paper – the IDFA Doclab Atlas of Pentacostalism Project

Friday, November 21st, 2014

From 20 to 30 November, our Espresso Book Machine window display in Amsterdam will be growing steadily with one book per day.

Working together with IDFA Doclab, each morning we will print out the most up-to-date version of the Atlas of Pentacostalism – an expanding record of the fastest growing religion in the world. Because of the unique properties of the EBM, we can keep updating the atlas, every day.

If you order a copy through our site, you will receive the most recent version of the book (up to the 30th of November), but of course you can order at the store as well. Ask for it on the second floor in Amsterdam.

For more information, see and

Our Book Drive for BetterWorldBooks

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Have you finally received that hard-earned degree, and are you wondering what to do with your old textbooks? Are you ready to move on from your childhood reads? Or have your bookshelves – once again – reached critical mass, and you either have to find a way to change the space-time continuum to squeeze in that new Billy bookcase or say a tearful goodbye to some of those paperbacks?

We can’t think of a better organisation to give your old books to than BetterWorldBooks (BWB). To date, BetterWorldBooks has raised millions of dollars for literacy, saved millions of books from landfills, created jobs for hundreds of people, and provided wonderful books to millions of readers worldwide. The story is still being written, and you can help write it.

Over the past years, ABC has donated thousands of books to them, and now we invite you match us, book for book. You can bring just one or a whole box. The books can be English, Dutch, German, French or Spanish, but please be sure to also check the BWB Donation Guidelines.

The book drive starts on Thanksgiving Day and will last until January 5th, 2015.

November 27th is Thanksgiving Day!

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

THANK YOU for being our customer again this year!

We’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 27th) by giving an EXTRA 10% discount to EVERYONE who buys something at ABC on this day. If you normally already get 10% off with us, you’ll get 20% discount off all your purchases in our stores in Amsterdam and The Hague!
(Please note that the extra discount is only off items in the brick stores – so no extra discount on books ordered that day, special orders that have not yet arrived, anything you want mailed to your home, or ebooks.)

Our €7,- Thanksgiving gift voucher, another tradition, should arrive in your mailbox within the next few weeks (if you have a valid and registered ABC discount card). It’s valid in both our stores on any purchase made from November 27th thru December 31st, 2014.

What else is going on?

  • Runic divination with Fiona Peel in Amsterdam.
  • Thanksgiving Dinner at the ABC Treehouse in Amsterdam. Please reserve your spot.
  • There will also be a Thanksgiving Dinner in ABC Treehut in The Hague this year for the first time (reserve your spot here). Our favorite American Netherlander Greg Shapiro will do his Greg thing (talk lots and be funny!) and sign copies of his book How To Be Orange. This year Greg celebrates 20 years of being in The Netherlands and 20 years of Pulp Fiction! He’ll be in the ABC Treehut in The Hague for Thanksgiving dinner from 18.00 – 20.00 hrs.
  • Meet and greet Sehrazad Ayse Uslu, the author of The Roots That Clutch from 12.00 – 14.00 hrs in The Hague.  The Roots That Clutch tells the haunting true story of how a young woman discovered, through her PhD research on T.S. Eliot and Ezra Pound, that her grandmother had had an affair with the other great American Modernist, William Carlos Williams. She also discovered that her father may be the biological child of Williams.

YOU can say THANKS yourself this year by donating your old books to Better World Books (more on that in a separate post here). You can just bring one book or a whole box with you when you visit us in Amsterdam or The Hague from November 27th until January 5th, 2015.

Our social media in summer standby mode

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Dear lovely readers,

From now until about the third week of August, the ladies behind ABC’s social media are in various stages of almost-on-vacation, actually-on-vacation, and just-back-from-vacation.

That means that this blog, our Twitter and our Facebook streams will all slow down considerably.  They’re not going to dry up, mind you, just trickle down to not much for a little while.  It also means that we will be rather slower than usual in answering any queries you might have on them.

Our best advice is to call or mail the stores instead: 020-6255537 and for ABC Amsterdam / 070-3642742 and for ABC The Hague.

(In fact, if you’re in a hurry, mailing or calling the stores is ALWAYS the best option, whether we’re on vacation or not.)

And in case you’re curious, here’s what we’ll be reading:

  • Karin (Marketing Director, Events planner and ABC News Mailings):  I will be traveling on the US West Coast for 3 weeks and only have time for 1 book: Sisterland (ebook here) – chosen by my book club, to be discussed late August. Just finished The Fault in Our Stars (ebook). Yes, I almost cried (my best friend died of a brain tumor when she was only 18) and now I can also go see the film with my 13 year-old, non-reading teen daughter and cry my eyeballs out. Last but not least: currently reading and loving: Sand by Hugh Howey (ebook).
  • Ester (Tweetybird): The most recent part of the White House Chef mystery books, Home of the Braised, and the long-awaited third part of Deborah Harkness’s All Souls Trilogy, The Book of Life!
  • Sigrid (Facebook helmswoman):  I’m reading The Hormone Cure by Sara Gottfried and Balance Your Hormones by Patrick Holford (ebook).  I’m learning so much! Every woman (and man) should read this. although it’s more about female hormones, since the truth is that we have more of them and it’s all a bit more complicated for women.  Yesterday I kept being horribly tempted because we had these delicious caramels on the counter, but because of these books I’m now really aware of how a big sugary dosis like that completely deregulates your system!  For the Health section in Amsterdam I’ve now ordered a book on testosterone to balance things out.
  • Sophie (Blogmistress and ABC News Mailings):  I’ll be finishing Pat Barker’s Regeneration trilogy (ebook)(half way through book 2 now), and after that I’ll finish the latest part of the Outlander saga, Written in My Own Heart’s Blood by Diana Gabaldon (ebook)(reluctantly, as it’ll mean another four- or five-year wait until the next book in the series)(I mean, really, YOU KNOW NOTHING, Game of Thrones fans!).  Also hoping to start on Smiler’s Fair and something non-fiction-y (The Sleepwalkers?  Unruly Places?  Not decided yet.)

Thanks for your patience and understanding!  Sunny regards,

The Social Medialites

Illustration by Pietari Posti/Debut Art, via

ABC’s 42nd Birthday Recap

Saturday, June 14th, 2014

ABC Amsterdam

Thank you for all the congratulations!  What a gorgeous sunny day we had.  :-)  The mini muffins, balloons and the free books were very much appreciated by you.  A lot of people handed in the €5 Birthday voucher (sent to everyone who subscribes to the News Mailing).  This mail voucher was a test of sorts for us, as well, so we were happy to see that many of you took the trouble to print it out and use it.

ABC The Hague

We had a fun, festive day.  The cupcakes provided by the American Baking Company didn’t last long!  Everyone appreciated the free titles given away and we loved the atmosphere you all brought.

Book Statue on the Spui in Amsterdam

“At 11.30 Rietveld students started making several book sculptures with 3 pallets of books supplied by us. They were supossed to go on building until about 15.30 but at around 14.30 its started to rain (luckily only for about ten minutes) so we decided to start the breakdown/give-away early as we didn’t want good books ruined. It was crazy!  Locals, tourists, people just passing by could not believe we were just giving away books like this and many people walked away with one or a small stack (and of course there were also some people who got real greedy and did not want to share and took lots of books). ABC’s owner Lynn, the Rietveld students and I walked around explaning to people why they could take these books for free and handed out ABC book marks. Within an hour and a half 3 pallets of books were gone! Three small boxes of lonely titles remained and will be donated to a good cause.  You can see lots more pictures on our Flickr page.
Lynn also had to go in to the store to get a new pink John Waters bookmark for a 70 year-old lady, who was upset she lost hers. She said his quote was a great standard to live by! ;-) ” – Karin, ABC’s Marketing Director

“Beste mensen van The American Book Center!

Bedankt voor het prachtige fotoboek van Ansel Adams, een 2-tal romans en een kookboek. Fantastisch leuke geste van The American Book Center gisteren op het Spui in Amsterdam aan alle Amsterdammers en toeristen, waaronder ik.  Zomaar duizenden boeken neerleggen om door iedereen gratis te worden meegenomen. Zodra ik weer in Amsterdam ben kom ik in de winkel gewoon wat kopen.

Groeten, Ria van Bree-Boersma, Rotterdam”

And many thanks to Peter Eijking for making the video below! It gives a great impression of this unique event.