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The Vegetarian - Han Kang

What We’re Reading

Or, In Which We Discover That Tjeerd Is A Voracious Literary Omnivore. (Mind you, these are the books we’ve been reading since the previous What We’re Reading 3 weeks ago, but still, he’s currently well ahead in our unofficial Who Will …

Anatomical Anomalies - Elizabeth Alston

What We’re Reading

Paul: Last Night – James Salter (ebook available here) Martijn: The Desert Spear – Peter V. Brett (ebook) Jesse: The Whispering Muse – Sjon (ebook) Maarten: I’m right in between books.  Finished yesterday: Monsters: A Bestiary of the Bizarre by Christopher Dell.  Starting tonight: Anatomical Anomalies (currently only …

The Buried Giant - Kazuo Ishiguro

Staff Review: The Buried Giant – Kazuo Ishiguro

Reviewed by JeroenW As if to warn away anyone who is allergic to any fantasy elements, Kazuo Ishiguro mentions on the very first page of The Buried Giant that the people in his story are afraid of ogres. Seasoned readers …

ABC's Favorite Reads 2014

Our Favorite Reads: Jitse, Jouke, JeroenW

It’s time for this blog’s favorite posts of the year: the ABC Staff’s Favorite Reads of 2014! We hope these books, magazines, games, and more will help you start your new literary year with a bang. Jitse: Amsterdam’s Manga, Graphic …