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Our Favorite Reads: Renate, Lynn, Maarten

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

It’s time for this blog’s favorite posts of the year: the ABC Staff’s Favorite Reads of 2014! We hope these books, magazines, games, and more will help you start your new literary year with a bang.

We want to know about YOUR favorite reads, too.  They don’t have to be books published in 2014, just read in 2014.  Please mail your Top 5 reads, and your reasons for enjoying them so much, to by Christmas Day.  Your favorites will kick off the new year for this blog, as they have done for the past 7 years, and you will receive a € 7,50 ABC Gift Certificate as a thank you!


ABC’s Favorite Reads 2013, part 1: Jilles, Marten, Lynn

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

It’s my favorite part of the blogging year: our favorite reads!  The ABC staff has looked through all the books and magazines they’ve read over the past year, or games they played, or stationery they used, and picked out their top 5 (or 4, or 8).  Every single item in these posts comes highly recommended, and we hope to add some ideas to your 2014 reading list.

Of course, we always love reading tips ourselves, too, and so we hope you will send in YOUR favorite reads of 2013 to us.  They don’t have to be books published in 2013, just read in 2013.  Please mail your Top 5 (and why these books were so good) to by December 31st, and don’t forget to include your home address so we can send you an ABC gift certificate in the new year as a thank you.  As has become a tradition, your Top 5s will be published in January.

Our first Favorite Reads post comes courtesy of

  • Jilles: Always expanding his world- as well as inner view.
  • Marten:  Knows everything about the life and times of Jesus and is still waiting for his religious epiphany.
  • Lynn: Owner and, more importantly, mother of the ABCs. Creative business spirit, redhead and still a hippie at heart.



Store Bits: Section changes, bargains, ABC’s Rick in the papers

Friday, May 24th, 2013

First off, a few section changes at ABC The Hague!  Penguin has decided to discontinue their Penguin Popular Classics series.  *sniff*

As a result, ABC The Hague’s remaining popular classics stock has been redistributed to the Fiction, Drama, and Poetry sections.  You will now find our Digital Age books where the popular classics used to be (near the beginning of the SciFi/Fantasy section), and the Nature/Animals section finally has some breathing room again, where the Digital Age books used to be (near the Information Desk).  Hooray!

Lynn loved this article about Sarah McNally, bookstore owner / purveyor of the life of the mind.  Who loves her EBM like we love ours.  :-)

Marten has a new bargain for you:  Footprints by Co Rentmeester.  “This World-renowned Dutch photojournalist’s book, spanning his entire career is now available for the bargain price of 29.99 euro! This book is bound to become a classic, don’t leave till it’s too late! Buy it now and you won’t regret it!”

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And finally, a proper version of the Parool article celebrating our Rick’s 25th ABC Anniversary!  The article is by Lorianne van Gelder for Het Parool, translated by Alexander Moust and edited by Bryna Hellmann-Gillson. March 12, 2013.  Below is the first part, after the break you can read the rest!

That Canadian with one sweater.

Rick Lightstone, the enthusiastic PR-person at the American Book Center, has close to 5,000 Facebook friends. He remembers anyone who’s been in the shop longer than merely dropping in to find and pay for a book. Without his presence and efforts, many international stars, like Stephen Fry, Dionne Warwick, Ziggy Marley, Spike Lee and David Sedaris, would not have come to the bookshop on the Spui.

ABC’s PR-man is a real networker, so his friends and colleagues say, but not in the tedious ‘good-for-business’ sense of the word. “He’s the man through and with whom people come together,” says Gary Goldschneider, writer and dear friend to Lightstone for years. “He often says, ‘This is someone you need to meet,’ and he’s always right.”

Recently Lightstone celebrated his 25 years’ jubilee at ABC. “It was a beautiful party,” director Lynn Kaplanian-Buller says. “We sang for him and gave him a Holtkamp pie and a blank-paged book in which we spur him on to finally write his autobiography.”

Born in Montreal in 1954, Lightstone is a man with a story to tell. Even the way he came to work at ABC is a narrative worth sharing. In 1987, his Dutch wife Yvonne walked into the shop and asked if they had a vacancy for her husband. Kaplanian-Buller hired him after one phone conversation. Lightstone was still employed at a bookstore in Vancouver, Canada. “He sent in a fantastic resumè in which he described his extensive experience in the book trade. Getting a work permit was no problem, as he was married to a Dutch woman.” With so many good references, she simply couldn’t refuse him.


Store Bits: ABC in the media

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

A special Store Bits this week featuring ABC or ABC staff in other media the past months!

Our Reinoud was interviewed for English Breakfast Radio Amsterdam last month.  He talked about Dutch authors in translation like Arnon Grunberg and Herman Koch, and our Espresso Book Machine.

Speaking of Arnon Grunberg, check out this video about the launch of the English translation of Tirza (and a belated birthday celebration for Mr. Grunberg :-) )!  The video includes some reading aloud from the book and a few insights into the process of translating.

Can you spot ABC’s Luke, Rick, and Lynn?

Launch of the American edition of Arnon Grunberg’s novel Tirza from Arnon Grunberg on Vimeo.

A bit older but still interesting:  Rick’s 25th ABC anniversary was highlighted in Het Parool, Sophie gave some reading recommendations to The Hague Expat radio program DutchBuzz, ABC was featured on RTL 7’s Business Channel, and Lynn, Nadine and Paul were interviewed for the NRC series on family businesses (sadly only viewable if you have a subscription, though).

What We’re Reading

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Simone: Sight Reading – Daphne Kalotay
Jouke: The Age of Voodoo – James Lovegrove
JeroenW: The Desert Spear – Peter V. Brett
Renate: Faces in the Crowd – Valeria Luiselli
Jesse: The Little Friend – Donna Tartt
Ester: The Bad Book Affair – Ian Sansom
Aviva: In the City of Bikes: The Story of the Amsterdam Cyclist – Pete Jordan
Pleun: How to Eat Out – Giles Coren
Martijn: Hounded – Kevin Hearne
Sophie: Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen (pulp cover)
Nicki: American Gods – Neil Gaiman (“author’s preferred text “edition)
Tiemen: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell – Susanna Clarke
PTRL: American Elsewhere – Robert Jackson Bennett
Tom: A Young ScoundrelEduard Limonov (English translation by John Dolan, but no longer in print)
Lynn: Dear Life – Alice Munro
Lilia: The Colossus Rises (The Seven Wonders Book 1) – Peter Lerangis