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ABC’s Gift Ideas: Fiction, Film/TV, Foreign Languages

The gift-giving season is upon us – hooray! The ABC Staff has rummaged through their sections and order lists, and come up with another year’s worth of wonderful gift ideas for you: from fiction to history to cookbooks to children’s …

Lit Links: for the lexically lacking

Recently I’ve been getting quite a lot of compliments on how good my English is. On a recent trip to Birmingham (West Midlands,  not Alabama) a shop assistant told in me I had a lovely Dutch accent, and how clever …

This Just In: Dictionaries

Five Brand-New* Dictionaries: (all English-Dutch/Dutch-English, for those of you struggling with either language)

Native English for Nederlanders

On Monday, October 22nd, a book launch was held in the American Book Center in Amsterdam. Native English for Nederlanders was presented between 18.00 hrs and 19.45 hrs on the store’s second floor. Its author, Ronald van de Krol, is …