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This Just In: Illustration

This Just In: Illustration

Our Jesse has caught the bug – the display-your-books-on-the-blog bug!  After the work-out that was her Gift Ideas picture session (seriously, those books were HEAVY), she’s sent in an artfully displayed selection of new Illustration books in ABC Amsterdam.  I …


This Just In: Children’s Books and YA Fiction

Our Lilia in The Hague sent in a whole list of recently-arrived titles from her Children’s Books and YA Fiction sections. There were so many I had to divide them into two pictures!  On the left you can see a …

This Just In: Fashion

This Just In: Fashion

Jesse mailed in the above picture of recently-arrived titles from the Fashion section in Amsterdam, and I don’t know whether I should thank her or curse her.  Don’t those titles just make you greedy?  That Vintage Jewellery book is making …

This Just In: YA Fiction via Tiemen

This Just In: YA Fiction

Ooooo, just look at those pretty YA titles, all lined up in Amsterdam!  And it didn’t even take that long for Tiemen to organise them, despite their youth.  Here’s what you’re seeing: Carry On – Rainbow Rowell (ebook available here) …

This Just In Fiction, sept. 2015

This Just In: Fiction

Renate’s Hands present some new titles from her Fiction section in Amsterdam! We all know about Franzen and Rushdie and the Booker Prize shortlist, of course, but here are some other gems you simply must read: The Clasp by Sloane Crosley …