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This Just In: YA, May 2016

This Just In: YA Fiction

Ooooo, look at all these fantabulous new YA titles that Lilia put in a row!  Get thee to the The Hague store for the following fresh-off-the-press books: The Glittering Court – Richelle Mead The Trials of Apollo: The Hidden Oracle …

This Just In: Art

This Just In: Art

Hot off the press, our Jesse has some brand-spanking-new Art titles for you, from her section in Amsterdam! First row, top to bottom: Art in the Making: Artists and Their Materials from the Studio to Crowdsourcing by Glenn Adamson and …

This Just In: Religion March 2016

This Just In: Religion & Mythology

Some absolutely cracking Religion & Mythology titles have come out the past in the past few weeks (and one that’s a bit older but it’s so pretty I couldn’t resist including :-)).  I thought I’d line them up and show …

This Just In: YA @ ABC The Hague

This Just In: YA Fiction

Lília has cherry-picked some recently-arrived titles from her Young Adult Fiction section in The Hague.  I don’t know about you, but personally I find the combination of the words “library” and “olympics” on that top right-most book irresistible… Front Lines – …

Graft - Matt Hill

This Just In: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Our Tiemen sent in a whole list of recently-arrived titles from his Science Fiction & Fantasy section in Amsterdam.  No picture of them all displayed on a counter or chair or on his head was included, though, so we’re doing this …