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ABC’s Favorite Reads

Our Favorite Reads 2015

Your Favorite Reads of 2015

Wow, so many of you answered our call!  THANK YOU!  Your lists are inspiring and have caused my to-read pile to grow to alarming proportions…  O.o A few things:  since I can’t spend all my time blogging, I’ve not included …

Our Favorite Reads 2015

Our Favorite Reads of 2015

And a sneak peek into 2016! My favorite posts to work on every year are the Top 5s of ABC staff and customers.  This year I’ve decided to make 2 massive posts (1 for staff + 1 for customers), so …

ABC's Favorite Reads 2014

Our Favorite Reads: Final Entries by Lara and Tjeerd

Here are the last 2014 Favorite Reads that came in during my holiday.  The first list comes from ABC customer Lara van Bommel, and the second list comes from ABC colleague Tjeerd. I hope everyone has started their literary year off on …

ABC's Favorite Reads 2014

YOUR Favorite Reads of 2014

HAPPY 2015! I hope you all have an amazing year, filled with health, happiness, and interesting times books. A *LOT* of you responded to our request for your Top 5s, so this first blog post of the new year is a …

ABC's Favorite Reads 2014

Our Favorite Reads: Nyjolene, Sigrid, Sophie

It’s time for this blog’s favorite posts of the year: the ABC Staff’s Favorite Reads of 2014! We hope these books, magazines, games, and more will help you start your new literary year with a bang. And this is our …