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You Review: Borderlines – Michela Wrong

Reviewed by Iris Veldhuizen Borderlines is a story about British lawyer Paula Shackleton, who is trying to deal with grief while at the same time working on a border arbitration case regarding the African state of North Darrar. Her part …

A Manual for Cleaning Women - Lucia Berlin

Tell Don’t Show: A Manual for Cleaning Women – Lucia Berlin

Every other week, Oscar van Gelderen summarizes a notable work of (non)fiction on his blog in ten quotes (no spoilers, just a taste of style and voice).  You might know Oscar as publisher at Lebowski, and as the man you can Pitch Your Book to at ABC …

Orphan #8

You Review: Orphan #8 – Kim van Alkemade

Reviewed by Renée Korver-Michan Orphan Number Eight, a novel by Kim van Alkemade (who must have Dutch ancestors by the way) tells the story of Rachel Rabinowitz, a woman in her forties who works with the elderly and was raised …

Brave New World (3D) - Aldous Huxley

This Just In: Books with 3-D Covers

Six Recently-Arrived Titles with 3-D Covers (glasses included!) at ABC The Hague: Please contact our stores for an exact stock check. There are also (two-dimensional) ebooks available for The Lost World, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Journey to the Centre …