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Anatomy of a Soldier

You Review: Anatomy of a Soldier – Harry Parker

Reviewed by Didi Groenhoff Captain Tom Barnes leads British troops in a war zone. One unfortunate day he steps on an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) and gets severely hurt. This moment does not only affect Tom, but also the citizens …


You Review: Green Island – Shawna Yang Ryan

Review by Lise Brouwers Shawna Yang Ryan, acclaimed author of 2009’s Water Ghosts, now returns with her latest novel, Green Island. Though both deeply rooted in her past, and history of the Chinese, Green Island has a whole new approach. …

The Crooked Heart of Mercy

You Review: The Crooked Heart of Mercy – Billie Livingston

Reviewed by Şirin Tugbay I picked Billie Livingston’s book out of the You Review list with a quick scan of the other books and reading bits of blurbs about this book. “Acclaimed Canadian author” and comparison to Jennifer Egan got my …