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Spotlight on… Illustration

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Where before they were divided between the Art, Design, Fashion and even Children’s Books, we now finally have a real Illustration books section at ABC Amsterdam. Here you’ll find books by classic illustrators such as Charley Harper and Norman Rockwell as well as contemporary illustrators published by UK’s Nobrow. Infographics and some very lovely children’s books are represented here too; we’re especially excited about Gestalten’s new children’s books: Little Gestalten. One of their first titles coming up is Issun Boshi: The One-Inch Boy.

- Jesse, Art and Fashion & Beauty Buyer at ABC Amsterdam

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This Just In: Children’s Books & Young Adult Fiction

Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Another Big Lot of Recently-Arrived Titles from the Children’s Books and Young Adult Fiction Sections (grouped by age):

Please be sure to contact our stores for an exact stock check!

9 – 12 Years

Ebook available for Odin’s Ravens.

Young Adult Fiction

Ebook available for Crushed, The Summer I Turned Pretty (complete series), A Creature of Moonlight, House of Secrets: Battle of the Beasts and Landline.  Of the short stories that make up the Four collection, one is available as ebook: The Transfer.

Don’t forget that you can still win a SIGNED copy of Otherbound, by rising YA Fantasy star and local girl Corinne Duyvis!

This Just In: Children’s Books and YA Fiction

Thursday, June 5th, 2014

A Whole Lot of Recently-Arrived Titles from the Children’s Books and Young Adult Fiction Sections (grouped by age):

Please be sure to contact our stores for an exact stock check!

5 – 8 Years:

9 – 12 Years:

Ebooks available for Tomb of Shadows, Araminta Spookie 5: Ghostsitters, Araminta Spookie 6: Gargoyle Hall, Spirit Animals 1: Wild Born, Spirit Animals 2: Hunted, Spirit Animals 3: Blood Ties, and League of Princes 3: The Hero’s Guide to Being an Outlaw.

Young Adult Fiction:

Ebooks available for Mutant City, Across the Universe, Across the Universe 2: A Million Suns, Across the Universe 3: Shades of Earth, The Vampire Diaries: The Salvation 3: Unmasked, The Selection 3: The One, The Reckoning, More Than This, and The School for Good and Evil 2: A World Without Princes.

You Review: I Lived on Butterfly Hill – Marjorie Agosin

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

Reviewed by Laura Baaijens

I Lived on Butterfly Hill is nothing short of a cute book. Set in the time of a dictatorship, there are hardships, of course, but the characters are all so likeable and inspiring that it nicely balances out the nerve-wracking situation they are all in. It may be a fictional girl living under a fictional government, but as Marjorie Agosín, the author, grew up during the real Chilean dictatorship, we can assume that she paints quite an accurate picture. At least from a child’s point of view.

We first see Celeste in her hometown, with her family and friends, going to the school she’s always gone too, enjoying all the beautiful parts of the Chilean culture. Yet things begin to change. Strange ships show up, classmates disappear, books are burned and eventually the grown-ups around her can not keep the truth of the situation from her anymore.

Her parents run a free clinic to help the poor and as the dictator does not agree with any sort of charity or free-thinking, they have to go into hiding. Eventually Celeste herself is forced to go live with her aunt in the United States until all is safe again.

How long will she stay there? Will she even be able to go back? And if so what will she find when she gets home? Can she blend in and feel at home in the States until then?

Everything is very uncertain. Not just for the characters in the book, the plot is quite unpredictable for the reader as well. It keeps this YA novel really interesting and will have you read quickly.

The story is accompanied by illustrations by Lee White. They were added after the copies for reviewers were printed.  Judging by the cover, however, they will be amazing and will help lift this story to a whole new level. All in all, I Lived on Butterfly Hill is quite a unique book. It is poetic, a tiny bit spiritual, but most of all a compelling story about a girl growing up and finding her place in the world.

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You Review a Local Author: In the Children’s Country – Bryna Hellmann

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Reviewed by Sheila Schenkel

Such a sweet story!

Danny and Rosie are fed up with staying at home whilst Mom and Dad go out for the evening. “They always go places where you can’t take children,” Danny complains. When the siblings decide to go to a country just for children, they end up exactly there…

In In the Children’s Country, there’s no hunger, no rain and… no television! The kids eat fruit growing on trees, drink water from a stream and spend their days playing outdoors. Still, there’s something odd about the place. What is it about the queen, living beyond the forest? How come everything around them is so perfect? Where do the children living here come from?

When something awful happens, Rosie has to do her utmost to try and solve it. Together with Milo, the eldest kid in the Country, Rosie shows that love is stronger than anything. They prove that when you work together, and just don’t give up, you can accomplish a whole lot.

Bryna Hellmann pushes the story forward with dialogue, which makes it perfect to read to children. On that note; it would have been nice if the chapters had been shorter. Much shorter. Just to give you a chance to catch your breath! The adventure revolves primarily around Milo and Rosie — the moment they’re off to save the situation, their story is the only one we follow.

Leslie Browne’s illustrations are worthy of a predominant place on the wall. I’d love to see more of her work in books to follow—or in a second edition, even.

The wrapping up of the plot feels a bit abrupt; so many things unfolding at once. Perhaps it’s more of a compliment to the world Hellmann’s created than anything else. Either way, I wouldn’t mind a sequel.

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Bryna Hellmann presented her book at the first Meet My Book! event in January.  She has also written two novels, The Time Between and This is Me, Becca.  Both these novels are self-published on our Espresso Book Machines.