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Elysium - Jennifer Marie Brissett

Science Fiction & Fantasy Awards Round-Up 2015

Here we are, peeps, another edition of the annual Science Fiction & Fantasy Awards Extravaganza!  Truth be told it’s a LOT more SF than F, but hey.  As has by now become tradition, the first award (Philip K. Dick) was …

Literary Wedding Arch (picture credit

Bookbits for March 26th, 2015

You know, that DCC is all well and good, but it’s really gotten in the way of my Book- and Store Bits!  Glad to finally have (well, take) a moment this month to sit down and spread some literary news. …

Terry Pratchett (image Eamonn McCabe)

R. I. P. Terry Pratchett

It is a very sad day indeed.  Terry Pratchett has died.  The literary world has lost a giant. Thank you, Terry, for all the laughter you’ve given us – and also, every time, the mirror you held up in front …

Penguins in (Penguin) sweaters

Bookbits for February 17th, 2015

R. I. P. André Brink, who died on a flight home to South Africa after having received an honorary doctorate from the Catholic University of Louvain. He is best known for his anti-apartheid novel A Dry White Season. (Picture: Ulf Andersen/Getty …

Harper Lee (picture by Chip Somodevilla/Getty images)

New Harper Lee novel to be published this summer!

Not two hours after publishing yesterday’s Bookbits, this bombshell hit the literary world: Harper Lee to publish new novel, 55 years after To Kill a Mockingbird There was much rejoicing.  MUCH rejoicing. To recap: The book coming out is called …