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The Mysteries of Iterating Grace

Bookbits for June 23rd, 2015

R.I.P. James Salter died last Friday, aged 90.  In part thanks to Ton Heuvelman’s Dutch translation of All That Is he enjoyed a resurgence of popularity here a few years ago. In the category “I aten’t dead yet”, here’s a wonderful profile …

Grey - E. L. James

Bookbits for June 11th, 2015

Awards!  Congratulations to Jeff VanderMeer, who won the Nebula Award for Best Novel for the first part of his Southern Reach trilogy, Annihilation.  Our JeroenW had copped to the excellence of this book last year already, as had YouReviewer Sara.  …


Bookbits for June 4th, 2015

Awards!  Congratulations to Ali Smith, who won the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction last night for her novel How To Be Both.  The other nominees can be found here.  The Lambda Literary Awards (for the best LGBTQ books and stories) were …

Shock Your Parents

Bookbits for May 21st, 2015

Today it’s 20 years ago that legendary Dutch writer Annie M. G. Schmidt died (and 104 years and 1 day ago that she was born!).  I defy you to find a child born in the Netherlands in the 20th century …

I Am Groot, art by Troqman

Bookbits for May 7th, 2015

Awards!  Congratulations to Emily St. John Mandel, who won this year’s Arthur C. Clarke Award for Station Eleven!  Proof once again that our customers know a thing or two, as this title featured on Your Favorite Reads of 2014 (on Marjolein …