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Bookbits for 23 March 2016

Awards!  The Kitchies (‘for speculative and fantastic fiction’) have been announced, and Margaret Atwood won the coveted red tentacle award this year, for The Heart Goes Last.  See the full list of winners here.  The Bookseller’s YA Book Prize was …


Bookbits for 8 March 2016

Happy International Women’s Day!  Celebrate by having a look at how many of these (modern) classics by female authors you’ve already read (27 so far for me) – and get cracking at those you haven’t, yet!  The Huffington Post also has 11 must-read …


Bookbits for 18 February 2016

Well, Bookbit #1 is of course that an 8th Harry Potter book is forthcoming, and soon, too!  It’s not a “book”book, really, it’s the script of the upcoming play put into book form but that hasn’t stopped a single Muggle …

Bookbits for 9 February 2016

Bookbits for 9 February 2016

Awards! Congratulations to Frances Hardinge, whose The Lie Tree nabbed the Costa Book of the Year award!  (Category winners can be found here.) Those of you who visited the ABC stand at Dutch Comic Con last year might have met …

Bookbits for 21 January 2016

Bookbits for 21 January 2016

First Bookbits of the year!  And of course my resolution, as it is every year, is to do these more often, and then slightly less immense each post.  Perhaps 2016 will be the year it will happen?  *cue helpless laughter* …