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Betty the Book Machine at ABC Amsterdam

Call Me Betty!

An Interview with Betty the Book Machine You might have heard of a book making machine situated in both our stores. We have always secretly referred to her as “Betty”. María and her colleagues Lília and Steven get up close …

EBM tech/author Steven shows off his book

Betty de boekmachine: je eigen boek, door ons gedrukt

  Misschien heb je haar al ontmoet: sinds 2010 woont er een Espresso Book Machine bij de American Book Center.  We hebben haar liefkozend Betty genoemd.  Je kunt haar in allebei de ABCs vinden, en deze boek-maak-machine heeft een flinke impuls gegeven aan …


International Table Top Day in The Hague!

International Table Top Day is coming to ABC The Hague! Join us in the ABC Treehut (upstairs in the store) on 29 April from 2.30 – 6 PM for a fun, easy-going afternoon of table top gaming. Sander and Tonnie …

Himalaya Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt Lamps: something new at the ABC

The Himalayan Salt Lamps have arrived! These beautiful stones of original Himalayan salt are probably best known for their power to cleanse the air in your home. “How do they do this?” you might ask. “It’s just a clump of …